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Where is this place?

It’s in the here and now,
but it is also a state of mind.


When we connect deeply
with friends

Cannabis, for many, has the ability to profoundly connect us. Eyes become fascinating, a smile infectious, joy leaps from us in celebration of our uniqueness while bonding us in brother & sisterhood with those who share the moment.

  • rediscover

    When we
    rediscover wonder…

    Okay Cannabis Experience engages guests
    in a wonderland of shapes and colorful
    environments that reframe the ordinary and
    rekindle a sense of wonder. Celebrating a
    broad ‘cannabis’ lifestyle — OKAY is not just
    a cannabis boutique, but an uncommon
    destination for exposure to knowledge, arts,
    music, people and more.

  • perspective

    When we reframe
    our perspective

    Okay Cannabis Experience is a place to reset.
    Reset our state of mind, mood, friendships, and
    outlook. Personal growth comes when we jolt
    our sense of the expected, shifting our
    perspectives, as we welcome exposure to new
    worlds—fresh ideas, empathy, and exploration
    of the other. This reset may help us recall our
    true North—our sense of timeless values,
    purpose and love.


When we celebrate our lives

It’s time to party again, okay!? Everyone’s gotta get mashed from time to time and escape those routines. Break up the regimented conformity of our lives, put on that green sweater, and shake off our bound everyday selves. Okay grants permission to be—let the beast out with our best beasties!

  • rediscover

    When we’re not
    feeling okay

    We question the idea that cannabis is an escape.
    Rather, it is our view that cannabis is a validation of the
    moment, of one’s mood and disposition. We say, come
    as you are. This is precisely where you are meant to be,
    feeling as you do, right now. Hang out, the time is
    yours, lean in, explore, no judgment.

  • When we reset the
    cannabis industry in an
    equitable way

    vertical-bar half-round

    We recognize that historically the BIPOC community
    has been disenfranchised—penalized and incarcerated
    —by cannabis. Today, OKAY resets this balance by
    bringing an equitable slice of this budding industry to
    lift these communities. We are 93% BIPOC owned
    and work with justice involved youth to build our
    dispensaries and provide opportunities to develop and
    grow with them.

We're All Ok

For most, the past several years have presented challenges we’d never experienced in our lifetimes. Cultural schisms, mortal pandemics, environmental doom, mental health crises, and righteous calls for a new social justice. Unsurprisingly, many of us are fnding ourselves - not feeling okay.


We are here to tell you: you are okay, that together we are all okay! That it’s okay to want to have a good time again, it’s okay if you’d prefer to be alone, it’s okay to feel sad, and it’s okay to feel content. You can be weird, energized, creative, punch drunk, ecstatic, introspective, outrospective. Scared, found, profound! The OKAY Cannabis Experience grants PERMISSION TO BE — no justifcation required.

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In the words of Anja Charbonneau, Editor of Broccoli Magazine, “cannabis culture is not any one thing.” It’s a therapy to some, a good time to others. A joyful moment among our friends, or a personal chance to reset and recall what’s most important. Individually it can be a self-compassionate escape, while for those who have been disenfranchised—even penalized—by cannabis, it represents a chance for an equitable piece of a budding industry. Whatever it means to you, “it’s mine and it’s yours” but together it is ours. If you will, we are all unique hues under a colorful cannabis flag, expressing ourselves while belonging to a kind of cannabis nation.

What you make of cannabis is all you — fill in the blank, there are no wrong answers. OKAY validates, and you are validated.


We are a cannabis-lifestyle dispensary for experienced & cannabis-curious people seeking to reset our states of mind, friendships, and notions of social equity. While offering curiously curated recreational THC products, OKAY experience stores engage our guests in a colorful wonderland that reframes the ordinary and rekindles our sense of wonder.