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STORES - Wheeling

Choose Location: Wheeling, IL


    Our Wheeling location is located next door to the Westin Hotel off of Lake Cook & Milwaukee Avenue. Plenty of parking is always available. This is your new locally owned dispensary near you!


    Eat and Drink with us

    OKAY Cannabis elevates the typical dispensary experience. Our weekdays might see a delightful hosted happy hour by a local brewery, an acoustic guitar serenade, or a pop-up showcasing a local craft grower's bounty. Our loyal members start their day on a high note with a free Dark Matter Coffee and a sumptuous West Town Bakery donut for any purchase over $40 from 8am – 10am during the week.



    Immerse yourself in a world of innovation as we partner with our esteemed craft grower friends, eagerly anticipating their arrival in the market. Be the first to try the newest craft strains that everyone is talking about.

OKAY Cannabis dispensaries are for the experienced and cannabis-curious seeking to reset their state-of-mind, treasure friends, and celebrate cannabis.

In these challenging times, we believe that you’re okay, and I’m okay, and together—we’re all okay. Indeed, everyone has their own experience with cannabis—imagine we’re all unique colors under one cannabis flag, expressing ourselves as individuals while belonging to a colorful cannabis nation. How will you be OKAY today? Our stores seek out a wide variety of your favorite products and we focus on bringing in the newest craft grow products before anyone else. Reframe the ordinary and rekindle wonder at an OKAY Cannabis dispensary.



Our Wheeling location is located next door to the Westin Hotel off of Lake Cook & Milwaukee Avenue. Free parking is available along with pre-order only parking spots. A unique cannabis experience: Dispensary, Consumption Lounge, Farmer's Markets, West Town Bakery (not infused), Cocktail Bar, and private event space all within a single destination in the heart of Wheeling. Our distinct approach is not just about the product we sell, but the memorable experiences we offer that surpass the traditional dispensary model, proving that the value we provide extends far beyond pricing. Our vibrant calendar of events breathes life into the OKAY experience. Our consumption lounge is also available for private events and has a full-lineup of events that are open to the public.

Lounge Reservations


Mon - Thur: 8am - 9pm

Friday: 8am - 10pm

Saturday: 9am - 10pm

Sunday: 9am - 8pm



Each person has their own cannabis reasons, methods and use amounts. Each body and mind are different. Finding the right method—whether that’s smoking, edibles, tinctures, or gummies—and right dose is highly personal. Okay Guides are knowledgeable staff that walk you through the best options for you.

At OKAY Cannabis, we don't just offer cannabis - we offer a lifestyle. A lifestyle where you can indulge, explore, and above all, be OKAY. Welcome to a new era of cannabis experience.

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