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    Okay Cannabis Dispensary is a place to reset. Reset our state of mind, mood & friendships. When we jolt our sense of the expected, we expand our willingness to welcome new worlds —fresh ideas, empathy, and openness to the other— and restore our sense of purpose & love.


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  • Visit OKAY Cannabis Dispensaries in Illinois. Our first location is open in Wheeling, IL

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  • When We Celebrate
    Our Differences

    Black, white, to the left, right, or center. We won’t all agree, but we believe we can all be different, think differently and still be friends. Metaphorically, we are of one color, but many hues. All positive creeds, orientations and backgrounds welcome.

OKAY - Wheeling is A Cannabis Destination

A marijuana dispensary with a café, bar, and a chill lounge all in a single destination. OKAY is a place where the community gathers for arts, music, cannabis education, and good times. Chill in our lounge daily, or rent it out for private social & company happenings when your event needs that special edge.

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    From joint rolling to metaphysics, OKAY hosts some pretty cool events & happenings

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  • When we’re not
    feeling OKAY

    We question the idea that
    cannabis is an escape. Rather, it
    is our view that cannabis is a
    validation of the moment, of one’s
    mood and disposition. We say,
    come as you are. This is precisely
    where you are meant to be,
    feeling as you do, right now.
    Hang out, the time is yours, lean
    in, explore, no judgment.

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